Top Cybersecurity Myths That Need To Be Let Go Of

Top Cybersecurity Myths That Need To Be Let Go Of

Cybersecurity is one of the most important components of business in the current era of technology. Investments in cyberdefense and training are already being done by organizations looking to maximize their data security. But, even after putting all of their focus on making their business cybersecure, there are several myths and misconceptions about cybersecurity that need to be debunked.

Below is a list of top cybersecurity myths that need to be avoided right away-

  1. Your business is not big enough for cyberthreats

This is one of the most widespread cybersecurity myths that needs to be cleared immediately. Most of the small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are of the view that they are safe from all types of online threats as they are not giant enough to attract the attention of cybercriminals.

That is obviously not the case. Cyber Criminals don’t care about the size of your firm in order to target it. Obviously, there will be some hackers who will prefer to infiltrate the system of the Bank Of America, however, maximum cybercriminals will settle for small businesses. Especially when the SMBs think that they are secure and don’t build a better security system, they get attacked. Maximum data breach targets are small businesses as per a research.

Be on the alert always. The size of your business doesn’t matter to be a target of cyberattacks.

  1. Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware is good enough

No type of antivirus or antimalware can maintain the security of your system from all kinds of cyberthreats. These softwares are dependent on a huge database that contains information about all the malware/viruses that are in existence.

  1. The set passwords are strong

Most individuals are of the view that their regular passwords are strong enough to keep multiple infiltration attempts at bay. But, that is a wrong mentality to adopt. There is not a single password that is 100% secure. It doesn’t matter how many numbers or special characters are used in that password, there is always a possibility to hack or leak it in some way.

This is the reason why changing your passwords is so necessary on a consistent basis. It could be weekly, bi weekly, ,monthly, but you need to change it from time to time and have the employees update theirs too.


Ultimately, people need to stop believing these myths and improve their cyber defense continually. Otherwise, they are always at the risk of being attacked in the digital world and being a victim of cybercrime.

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