Best Personal Cyber Security Tips

Best Personal Cyber Security Tips

Using these personal cyber security tips, one can be more cyber aware and eliminate the risk of losing their data and being a victim of different types of cybercrimes. The following cyber security tips will help you in keeping your personal and professional data from being acquired by cybercriminals and keep you secure at all times.

The top cyber security tips

  1. Keep your software updated from time to time

As we have witnessed from time to time, the most crucial cyber security for eliminating ransomware includes patching outdated software, both operating systems, applications, etc. This assists in removing critical vulnerabilities that are used by hackers to obtain access to your devices. Here are some tips to help you begin-

  • Switch on the automatic system updates for your device
  • Ensure automatic security updates are utilized by your desktop web browser.
  • Update your web browser plugins such as Flash, Java, etc consistently.
  1. Utilizes two factor authentication

Two or multiple factor authentication is a type of service that integrates additional layers of security to the standard password method of online verification. Without it, you will usually type in a username and password. However, with two factor authentication, you will have to enter an extra authentication method like a personal identification code, another password or even a fingerprint.

Using multiple factor authentication, you have to mandatorily enter more than two extra methods after typing in your username and password.

  1. Safeguard your personal identifiable information

Personal identifiable information refers to any information that can be used by a cybercriminal to identify an individual and also locate them. It consists of information like name, address, contact numbers, date of birth, social security number, IP address, location details,etc.

Your credit card information must be protected by organizations, in case they follow the PCI DSS standards.

In the latest era of social media, individuals have to be extremely cautious regarding the information they share online. Consider reviewing the privacy settings on all social media accounts, specifically facebook, instagram,etc. It is recommendable that individuals must display the minimum information about themselves on social media. Sharing their home address, birthdate, or any other Personal identifiable information will increase the risk of security breach. This information will be utilized by the hackers to their advantage.

Ending Note

Incidents of hacking, phishing, malware and other similar cybercrime attempts are becoming the top cause of security breach in the modern age of technology. However, the more unsettling thing is that these cybercrime attempts are a product of human error in some form. Education and awareness are extremely important to combat cybercrime and in avoiding security breaches.

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